Afghan Community Leader Highlight: Maryam Masoomi

maryam-masoomi Image Credit: Miriam Valdes-Carletti/CTV News

Maryam Masoomi is an Afghan musician and champion of female empowerment. Her story is a demonstration of perseverance shown through her advocacy and various endeavours.

After the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, Maryam and many other Afghans had to leave their homes for fear of losing their lives. Maryam was targeted by the Taliban due to being a minority Hazara woman and running an all-female singing group called the 'Sound of Afghanistan'. She has now made Canada her home and is a part of the Saskatoon community.

She continues to be a positive force in the community even after leaving Afghanistan. Maryam has taken on an array of different pursuits including working at the Saskatoon Open Door Society (SODS) as a part-time youth program facilitator. She is also an associate producer for CBC Radio, while also running her own show called 'Kabul Jan' on the weekends. 'Kabul Jan' which can be translated to 'Dear Kabul' is a tribute to Afghanistan, on which she plays music from home.

Maryam is an extraordinary example of devotion and leadership. She continues with her singing group 'Sound of Afghanistan', where they perform locally and at festivals throughout Canada. They hope to one day sing all over the world.

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The all-female singing group 'Sound of Afghanistan'// Image credit: CTV News Saskatoon
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