Celebrating Staff and 40,000 Afghan Milestone at Polycultural Immigrant & Community Services

Image-_20231214-223346_1 Polycultural Immigrant & Community Services celebrating their staff party on December 1, 2023.

Polycultural Immigrant & Community Services recently hosted a staff party to honour the extraordinary efforts of its dedicated team and mark the 40,000 Afghan milestone.

Tariq Eshaq, Program Coordinator of Client Success at Polycultural, relayed a story of a conversation with Sean Fraser, Minister of Housing, Infrastructure and Communities Canada. The minister highlighted the impactful work at Polycultural, and his words resonated with the team: "The work you are doing will shape the future of this country and the lives of thousands of people who are coming here for generations to come." This powerful acknowledgment underscored the crucial role that staff have played in shaping a brighter future.

Amidst the celebratory atmosphere, Tariq shared another touching experience involving the International Organization for Migration (IOM) medical escort team. While on plane duty with the Canada Border Services Agency and assisting with a charter plane received by Polycultural, a member of the IOM team approached Tariq. Their words left a lasting impression: "You will be the face of Canada to them [Afghan newcomers]. For the rest of their lives, they will remember you and how you treated them with dignity and kindness."

We would like to collectively applaud Polycultural's impact on the Afghan mission and recognize the wonderful work of all the staff and volunteers. Their dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism are the driving forces behind the compassion that leaves an enduring mark on the lives they touch.

Take a look at the images from the event below (​images courtesy of Polycultural). 

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