Many Afghan arrivals had to leave everything behind and start their new lives in Canada from scratch. The need for financial support is as varied as the refugees themselves, but it could include the replacement of favourite toys for children, purchasing of culturally appropriate food, or tickets to explore local attractions within their new communities.

The Calgary Catholic Immigration Society (CCIS) is accepting and redistributing financial donations on behalf of the Service Providing Organizations across Canada who are supporting Afghan families’ resettlement. There is no administrative fee, 100% of your donation will go to support the resettlement of Afghan families in Canada.

CCIS will honour donor-specific requests to contribute to specific agencies, regions, or particular families, and all donations will be directed accordingly. Official tax receipts will be provided for donations over $20.
  • Specific donations directed to a specific agency, province or territory will be sent as per the donor’s request
  • General donations will be allocated based on the immediate needs of the Afghan Refugee clients

If you wish to make a donation to a specific family, organization or region not listed below, select “Other” and add details in the Comment box

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