How to Help

Volunteer / In-Kind Contributions & Non-Financial Donations

The contributions made by caring, engaged Canadians are important parts of the support provided to refugees.

Thank you for your interest in sharing your time and talents in support of Afghan refugees resettling in Canada. Each volunteer has their own contribution to make, and each community or region has its own needs, capacity, and protocols regarding volunteer engagement.

Please connect with the service provider organization in your local area, or the lead organization in your region to discuss volunteering, or donating goods and/or services in-kind (i.e., clothing, accommodation etc.)

There will be plenty of opportunities to support our new neighbours throughout their resettlement journey. We deeply appreciate your understanding that the process of engaging volunteers may take a little longer due to the sensitive security situation.



Many Afghan arrivals had to leave everything behind and start their new lives in Canada from scratch. The need for financial support is as varied as the refugees themselves, but it could include the replacement of favourite toys for children, purchasing of culturally appropriate food, or tickets to explore local attractions within their new communities.

The Calgary Catholic Immigration Society (CCIS) is accepting and redistributing financial donations on behalf of the Service Providing Organizations across Canada who are supporting Afghan families’ resettlement. There is no administrative fee, 100% of your donation will go to support the resettlement of Afghan families in Canada.

CCIS will honour donor-specific requests to contribute to specific agencies, regions, or particular families, and all donations will be directed accordingly. Official tax receipts will be provided for donations over $20.

Sponsor a Refugee


Canada’s system of enabling private sponsorship of refugees has served as a model for other countries, and it plays an important role in refugee resettlement efforts in Canada. Since the late 1970s, nearly half of all resettled refugees were resettled through Canada’s two refugee sponsorship programs – the Private Sponsorship of Refugees (PSR) program, and the Blended Visa-Office Referred (BVOR) program.

Private sponsorship provides an opportunity for small groups of Canadians to directly facilitate the resettlement of Afghans. Canadians have a proud history of resettling vulnerable people through private sponsorship, most recently in response to the Syrian crisis.

Refugee sponsors in Quebec: Quebec has its own process to sponsor refugees. Learn how to sponsor a refugee in Quebec.


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Ongoing Support

Our support of Afghan refugees does not end with initial resettlement efforts.

Your sustained commitment to increasing inclusion within your neighbourhoods, workplaces, public spaces, and social groups is an essential contribution to supporting our newest neighbours as they settle into their life in Canada.

Together we can create welcoming communities, support Afghan refugees’ integration with respect, equity, and dignity, and celebrate Canada’s diversity.