Learn more about the journey of Afghan refugees making positive changes in their communities across the nation by accessing some of the stories below.


Canada meets commitment to welcome 40,000 vulnerable Afghans

On October 30, The Government of Canada announced Canada had welcomed 40,000 vulnerable Afghans.  To read more, please visit the Government of Canada website . 

Justin Trudeau Meets With Recently-Settled Afghan Refugee Families at Hamilton Food Market

Marghana Elyaskhil's life in Hamilton is coming together after arriving in Canada in October 2021 with her husband Ahmad Najib Wahidi and her 14-month-old daughter. Elyaskhil, who was a dentist in Afghanistan, told The Spectator that after the Afghanistan government collapsed, "it was not safe for us to live there anymore." The borders were blocked...

A Chance at Safety and Security

Parwaiz Hamidy remembers the relief he felt when he landed in Toronto and knew that his family was safe for the first time in years. He recalls living each day watching over his shoulders as he tried to protect his wife and two young sons. An interpreter for the Canadian and US armed forces in Afghanistan, Parwaiz had been waiting to relocate to Ca...

Afghan Newcomers to Celebrate First Canada Day

The Government of Canada continues to work hard to resettle at least 40,000 Afghan nationals as quickly and safely as possible. For the over 16,270 Afghan refugees who have landed in Canada since last August, tomorrow's festivities will mark their first Canada Day in their new communities. To celebrate this special day, we extend our sincere gratit...