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A Chance at Safety and Security


Parwaiz Hamidy remembers the relief he felt when he landed in Toronto and knew that his family was safe for the first time in years. He recalls living each day watching over his shoulders as he tried to protect his wife and two young sons. An interpreter for the Canadian and US armed forces in Afghanistan, Parwaiz had been waiting to relocate to Canada for over ten years. That process was sped up in August 2021 following the Taliban takeover. Parwaiz and his family arrived in Canada in late August and spent the first few weeks in a hotel in Toronto, awaiting their resettlement.

While in Afghanistan, they were introduced to a local volunteer in Peterborough who helped them get their paperwork and applications in order. Knowing that relocating to a new country would be challenging, the support of local volunteers would be instrumental for the family. Parwaiz is grateful to the volunteers who helped his family get to know the city and served as a vital source of connection, motivation, and comfort. The family extend a special thank you to Heather and Mark for their kindness and support. The family's caseworkers at the New Canadians Centre helped them secure permanent housing, apply for essential documents and services, and ensure the children were enrolled in school. They were also able to secure a spot for Parwaiz's wife to attend English Language classes.

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