Settlement Support


Service Provider Organizations in Canada’s settlement sector are committed to supporting the resettlement, settlement, and integration of Afghan arrivals. Settlement work is inherently collaborative and relies heavily on engagement from everyday Canadians. There are many ways Canadians can contribute to Afghan resettlement efforts.

Please note: to protect their privacy, as well as the safety of extended family who may remain in Afghanistan, the identity of those who will be resettled will not be disclosed. Additionally, for security reasons, specific operational matters of the missions abroad will not be made public.

Airport Reception Services:

Newcomers’ experience of arriving in Canada can be stressful, and is made more difficult because of jet lag, culture shock, and language barriers.

Afghans arriving through the Afghan Resettlement Programs are especially in need of additional support navigating complex and unfamiliar systems to ensure they experience a safe and welcoming arrival to Canada.

Airport Reception services, including logistical and interpretation support, are provided from the moment of arrival at major Canadian international airports. COVID-19 testing and quarantine measures are strictly followed to protect arriving Afghans and the service providers.

Resettlement Support :

Due to the rapid deterioration in conditions in Afghanistan, arrivals through the Afghan Resettlement Programs require unique support in the first few weeks in Canada.

Some of the important support provided in the initial resettlement period includes:

  • Completion of essential paperwork
  • Information and orientation sessions about life in Canada
  • COVID protocols and quarantine
  • Immigration Medical Examinations
  • Engagement activities for children and youth
  • Completion of initial needs assessments to determine what additional support is required
  • Interpretation and translation in Pashtu, Dari and Farsi

Service Provider Organizations across Canada support the resettlement and settlement of thousands of refugees each year. This expertise enables the partnering organizations to respond to the needs of this unique refugee population quickly and effectively.


Settlement and Integration Support :

Recognizing that social support systems are integral to the settlement and integration process, the relationships between arriving Afghans are considered when determining where in Canada they will be destined.  However, leaving behind one’s friends, extended family, and home country is a difficult experience, and creating an entirely new life in Canada requires time and ongoing support.

The Afghan Resettlement Programs are committed to providing holistic support to Afghan refugees throughout their settlement and integration journey. To ensure that Afghan refugees are respected members of our communities, develop a sense of belonging, and are able to participate fully in life in Canada, settlement organization work closely with community partners, employers, municipalities, schools, public institutions, and Canadians.

To find out more how you can contribute, please visit our How to Help page, or connect directly with the Service Provider Organization in your local area.